Not another health food blog…

Musings and recipes from a trained chef come MSc Human Nutrition student, trying to make sense of it all. Check back for recipes, info, and general musings.


Why listen to me?

With an abundance of health food blogs, numerous healthy eating cook books hitting our shelves each week and various sites telling us what to eat and what not to eat. I thought I would throw my own two cents into the picture and set up this blog.  Having worked within the food industry I now studying a Masters in Human Nutrition to become an Associated Nutritionist (ANutr)

My food ethos

Put simply, I celebrate food.

I eat chocolate, I eat cakes, I drink alcohol. I don’t banish food groups, I don’t advocate expensive so called “superfoods”, I don’t count calories and I don’t follow diets.

Just honest, wholesome balanced recipes with ingredients that you don’t have to scour the globe for and ensuring that my recipes make the most of ingredients.