IN THE NEWS… Limiting children’s snacks to 100 calories.

Yogurt with homemade compote
<100 calorie snacks

An article emerged today stating that health bodies recommend children’s snacks be no more than 100 calories and limiting them to twice a day. With the rise in obesity, overconsumption of sugar and salt, this comes as a vital piece of information for families, in tackling weight and health issues which I consider to be a positive move.

Growing up, there were hardly any sweets or treats in the house, with certain days having particular diet allowances. For instance, Tuesdays were chocolate biscuit days (usually a club), Fridays were crisp days and Saturdays were sweet days, in which we were given 25p to spend at the local newsagents. For the remaining days it was fruit or bread.

Homemade snacks are a good source, as you can control what your children eat and ensure that  they’re not overloading on too much sugar or salt. Below are some easy suggestions for low calorie snacks.

Natural Yogurt with Homemade Compote

Compote is a breeze to make, and requiring fruit, saucepan and heat. Use any fruit, such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants – fresh or frozen will do. Place this in a saucepan, add a dish of water and then place over a medium heat. Add a spoonful of honey (20g) or less, and some lemon zest if you so wish. Leave to reduce for 10 – 15 minutes.

Spoon 20g of compote over 100g of natural yogurt (full fat) = 97 calories.

Handful of almonds – 16g (16 almonds) = 99 calories.

Hard boiled egg with almond butter – hard boil an egg and cut in half lengthways. Top with 5g almond butter = 102 calories.

Vegetable crudités – Use a mixture of carrots, red pepper, yellow pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes. Serve with a mint raita, by grating 20g cucumber in 50g natural yogurt  with a pinch of ground cumin and some salt and pepper.


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